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Statistics Class
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Dundas.Charting.WebControl Namespace : Statistics Class

Enterprise Edition Only Feature. This class is used for statistical formulas.
Statistics class provides helper methods for statisctical calculations. Actual calculations are made in the FormulaData class and the Statistics class provide a simplified API which automatically prepares parameters and deals with input and output series.


Visual Basic (Declaration)  
Public Class Statistics 
Visual Basic (Usage) Copy Code
Dim instance As Statistics
public class Statistics 


This class is used for all statistical formulas that are supported by the Chart control, and is only available as an Enterprise Edition feature.

Formulas can be loosely grouped into the following categories: Distributions (including inverse), tests and basic statistical formulas. Each group has common characteristics when it comes to their input, and what they return.

Note that various statistical test functions (e.g. Z Test, F Test, T Test and ANOVA) return the results of the test using special classes that are specific to the type of test being performed. For example, The F Test uses the FTestResult class for its results. None of these are documented as full classes, rather they are described in their relevant topic within this Statistics class section.

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