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Send us your feedback!

Send us your feedback!

Editor's Note: Late Edition

I'm sure it's still November somewhere west of Dundas Data Visualization… We've been very busy!


Microsoft Silverlight

Dundas is proud to announce the upcoming release of Silverlight capabilities for Dundas Chart for ASP.NET. This exciting new add-on lets you integrate Dundas Chart into Silverlight applications. A specialized front end is provided, making Silverlight integration quick and powerful — and all of your favorite ASP.NET interactive features are retained and even enhanced:

  • Full Hit Testing
  • Real-Time Charting
  • Image Tooltips
  • Text Tooltips
  • Drill Down
  • And more!

Setting up the Silverlight add-on is extremely easy and it lets you write rich and interactive features on the web for your charts. The official release of this outstanding functionality will be with Dundas Chart version 7.0 (under development) but you can get an alpha version shortly if you would like to do some early testing. If you would like to receive a pre-release copy of the Silverlight add-on or if you simply have some questions, please email

A live interactive demo can be found at on our server.

Dashboarding and Business Intelligence

Dashboard Insight

Dundas continues to be a proud sponsor of Dashboard Insight, the premier online magazine for all things dashboard. At the DI website, you can find an incredibly large collection of dashboard articles written by some of the best minds in the industry, as well as daily news updates, white papers and interviews with today's business leaders. In addition, DI has recently launched an online catalog hosting information on the absolute best companies in the space.

Dundas Customer Dashboard Gallery

Send us screen shots of your dashboards that use Dundas components!

We're currently working on a new web page containing dashboards created by our clients with Dundas products. While the goal is to show off the great work someone outside of Dundas can do, it is understood that many customers have "non-public" dashboards. But if you have a dashboard image that can be shown publicly and it fits in with our messaging and theme, we'd love to include it!

Posting on the Dundas website is beneficial for both of our companies. Since your company will also be linked to the site, visitors who might not be familiar with you will have access to your website. This will not only increase the amount of traffic to your site, it will also provide you with some exposure for free. Additionally, Google uses the amount of people coming to your website from another source as part of their calculation for determining page ranking. So having a link on Dundas will also help you in that regard as well.

If any of this interests you, please send us a note!

Video Training

Dundas training videos are now available

The first batch of our ongoing series of Dundas Chart training videos are now available on our website:

We've got a bunch of new videos coming soon covering diverse Chart topics. Check them out and let us know what you think!


Dundas makes Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 list!

Dundas made Deloitte's 2008 Technology Fast 500, a list of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications and life sciences companies in North America.

Check out our press release for details!

New Releases

Map RS 2008 now available!

Dundas Map for Reporting Services 2008 is now available! This support article tells you how to get the latest version of any Dundas product.


OLAP 6.2 beta, now on!

Dundas Chart .NET for OLAP Services 6.2 is in beta testing now, please visit the beta page for more information and to join the beta testing.


Got something you'd like to see in the technical newsletter? We'd love to hear from you! Send us your ideas or join the Support Forum.

- Chris Herborth

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How do I apply transparency to my chart?

Chart transparency

Wondering how to apply different levels of transparency to your chart's components? Read on to find out how to use the alpha channel to add differing levels of transparency to any color used in your chart.

Read full article

How can I add a custom tick mark to my Chart's axis?

Custom axis ticks in the Chart

CustomLabels have a GridTick property that you can set to TickMark to add a custom tick mark. Read on to find out how to apply custom tick marks to your chart axis.

Read full article

Adding an HTTP Handler to Gauge

Using Gauge with an HTTP Helper

When the Dundas Gauge control renders in a page, it writes an image of the gauge to a folder on the web server so that the browser can later retrieve it when it loads the <img> tag. This means that the web application must be given write access to the temporary folder or the gauge will not work. Since web applications usually only have read access to any subfolders, using the web gauge control requires some extra configuration.

Read on to find out how to use an HTTP Handler with gauge to remove this temporary file requirement.

Read full article

How can I use the HistogramHelper with SharePoint?

Histograms with Sharepoint Chart

This article describes how to use the HistogramHelper class (found in the Dundas Chart for .NET samples environment) with Dundas Chart on different platforms, such as SharePoint. The HistogramHelper class lets you create a histogram series (and a data distribution series) from an existing data series.

Read on to find out how to use the HistogramHelper with Sharepoint.

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What can cause an ASP.NET map to show corrupted images?

Map image corruption

Depending on your IIS security settings, some map controls might show improper or corrupt images. Read on to find out how to diagnose this problem and fix it.

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Get more out of Dundas Chart in your applications.

Featured Sample

Sample - Data Binding a Table

The Data Binding a Table sample demonstrates binding a table of data to the Chart, providing series data points and axis labels. You can find it in the Dundas Chart Samples Environment (under Working with Data → Data Binding → Data Binding a Table).

Read more…

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Get more out of Dundas Gauge in your applications.

Featured Sample

Sample - Z Order of Gauge Elements

The Z Order of Gauge Elements sample demonstrates adjusting the Z order of different elements in a gauge container. You can find it in the Dundas Gauge Samples Environment (under Gauge Container → Z Order of Gauge Elements).

Read more…

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Get more out of Dundas Map in your applications.

Featured Sample

Sample - Distance Scale Appearance

The Distance Scale Appearance sample demonstrates how you can control the appearance of different aspects of the distance scale. You can find it in the Dundas Map Samples Environment (under Appearance → Distance Scale).

Read more…

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