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Send us your feedback!

Send us your feedback!

Editor's Note: Fall means support!

Now that summer is officially over, everyone seems to be jumping into new projects or rushing to finish existing projects. Focusing on work makes it easier to ignore the leaves piling up on the lawn and the lower temperatures (if you're in the northern hemisphere, at least).

The Dundas R&D group is no different, of course, but our Support folks are also kept extremely busy. All of these new (and old) projects lead to developers needing answers, and Dundas Support keeps a very low turn-around time locked to a very high standard of assistance for our customers.

There are, of course, several ways for you to get help for Dundas products. All of our documentation is online on our support site as well as hundreds of useful articles. Use the keyword search to find what you're looking for, and if you can't find it let us know what we've missed!

The Documentation Roadmap and Technical Newsletter Archive will also help you find interesting and useful information.

Dashboarding and Business Intelligence

Dashboard Insight

Dundas continues to be a proud sponsor of Dashboard Insight, the premier online magazine for all things dashboard. At the DI website, you can find an incredibly large collection of dashboard articles written by some of the best minds in the industry, as well as daily news updates, white papers and interviews with today's business leaders. In addition, DI has recently launched an online catalog hosting information on the absolute best companies in the space.

Dundas Customer Dashboard Gallery

Send us screen shots of your dashboards that use Dundas components!

We're currently working on a new web page containing dashboards created by our clients with Dundas products. While the goal is to show off the great work someone outside of Dundas can do, it is understood that many customers have "non-public" dashboards. But if you have a dashboard image that can be shown publicly and it fits in with our messaging and theme, we'd love to include it!

Posting on the Dundas website is beneficial for both of our companies. Since your company will also be linked to the site, visitors who might not be familiar with you will have access to your website. This will not only increase the amount of traffic to your site, it will also provide you with some exposure for free. Additionally, Google uses the amount of people coming to your website from another source as part of their calculation for determining page ranking. So having a link on Dundas will also help you in that regard as well.

If any of this interests you, please send us a note!


Map RS 2008 beta, now on!

Dundas Map for Reporting Services 2008 is in beta testing now, please visit the beta page for more information and to join the beta testing.


Got something you'd like to see in the technical newsletter? We'd love to hear from you! Send us your ideas or join the Support Forum.

- Chris Herborth

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Converting Dundas Reporting Services 2005 Custom Report Items to Reporting Services 2008

Chart for Reporting Services 2008

Moving from Reporting Services 2005 to the new Reporting Services 2008, but concerned about your reports that use Dundas controls?

Read on to see how you can safely upgrade your reports from Reporting Services 2005 to 2008!

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More common problems with Dundas SharePoint web part installation

Dundas controls for SharePoint

This article answers more of the common questions that come up while installing Dundas components for SharePoint. The original article is Common problems with Dundas SharePoint web part installation.

Read on to find solutions to more common SharePoint web part installation problems.

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How can I group the data in my chart?

Group your data with custom axis labels

You're often working with data that is easily categorized. For example, your data might contain customer satisfaction scores for products by company, by year.

Read on to find out how to group this data for easier analysis.

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Dundas Map and the ASP.NET Update Panel

Dundas Map for ASP.NET

When a map control is placed inside an update panel and an async postback occurs, the resulting map will be blank and loses all client-side functionality. This is due to the fact that the map generates initialization JavaScript for itself inside <script> tags and the code inside these tags is not executed by the browser during an async postback.

Read on to find out how to make Dundas Map work with the ASP.NET Update Panel.

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Creating a Trend Line

Adding a trend line to your chart

Need a Trend Line or Line of Best Fit for your chart? Read on to find out how to add a trend line.

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Get more out of Dundas Chart in your applications.

Featured Sample

Sample - Multiple Y Values

The Multiple Y Values sample demonstrates how certain chart types can take advantage of multiple Y values per data point. You can find it in the Dundas Chart Samples Environment (under Working with Data → Multiple Y Values).

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Featured Property

This month's featured Chart property is actually something that you can use on any of the rendered-to-the-screen text properties, the keywords.

Chart supports a number of keywords (written as #KEYWORD). These act as placeholders for actual values and are replaced when the text is about to be rendered to the screen (or web page). For example, the #VALX keyword is replaced by the X value of the current DataPoint.

Unless a keyword is limited specifically to data points, series or legends, it can be used in any text property that ends up being displayed to the user.

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Get more out of Dundas Gauge in your applications.

Featured Sample

Sample - Gauge Container Images

The Gauge Container Images sample demonstrates adding a custom image to a gauge container. You can find it in the Dundas Gauge Samples Environment (under Gauge Container → Gauge Container Images).

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Featured Property

The ImageUrl property found on gauge container objects lets you control where (and how) temporary images created by the ASP.NET gauge are created.

Using ImageUrl, you can store all of your gauge images in a single file (not a good idea; it could be overwritten before the client has finished downloading), an unlimited number of unique files, or using a round-robing sequence that you control.

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Get more out of Dundas Map in your applications.

Featured Sample

Sample - Parallels and Meridians

The Parallels and Meridians sample demonstrates how you can control the appearance of parallel and meridian lines on your map. You can find it in the Dundas Map Samples Environment (under Appearance → Parallels and Meridians).

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Featured Property

The Href property of the map control lets you implement drill-down by linking to another page. The Href property is supported by Group, LegendCell, LegendCellColumn, LegendItem, MapArea, MapImage, MapLabel, Panel, Path, Shape and Symbol objects, giving you incredible flexibility.

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