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Send us your feedback!

Send us your feedback!

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Profit 100/SD Times 100 awards!

Dundas picked up several awards in June:

Thank you for your support!


Reporting poll

To help us plan our future developments, we'd like each of you to enter our reporting poll, to tell us about your current database reporting tool.

This data will be kept private (although next month we'll publish the results for you to see) and won't be used to pester you in any way (in fact, it's completely anonymous).



Tech·Ed 2008

Dundas was exhibiting at the Tech·Ed North America 2008 conference in Orlando, Florida earlier this month. Jeff Hainsworth, our Presales Consulting Lead, writes:

During the first week of June, Dundas had the utmost pleasure to attend Microsoft's Tech·Ed 2008. It was great to finally put a face to the names that have been in constant contact throughout the years and it was wonderful to see how many of you came by just to say "Hi!" We really appreciate the comments that you had about our products and our developers thank you very much for all of the great gifts of swag that many of you so graciously offered!

Everywhere you looked, Dundas was prevalent throughout Tech·Ed. A great majority of the vendors on the floor were touting products that used Dundas as the back end, including many of the Microsoft offerings. It was also not very difficult to see how excited Microsoft is that Dundas is going to be part of their new version of SQL Reporting Services. Pretty much every SSRS talk ended up being a Dundas Data Visualization demo. Thank you to everyone for making Tech·Ed a very successful show and we'll see you at the PDC in October!

  • Jeff Hainsworth
    Presales Consulting Lead
    Dundas Data Visualization

Dashboarding and Business Intelligence

Dashboard Insight

Dundas continues to be a proud sponsor of Dashboard Insight, the premier online magazine for all things dashboard. At the DI website, you can find an incredibly large collection of dashboard articles written by some of the best minds in the industry, as well as daily news updates, white papers and interviews with today's business leaders. In addition, DI has recently launched an online catalog hosting information on the absolute best companies in the space.


Chart 6.2 Localization support

Dundas Chart for .NET v6.2 and the SQL Server 2008 Edition of Dundas Chart for Reporting Services v2.2 are now in beta.

Chart 6.2 brings user-interface localization to our .NET Chart as well as the usual round of bug fixes and improvements.

The new Chart for Reporting Services provides SQL Server 2008 support (note that you'll need RC0 of SQL Server 2008 to take part in this beta).

Visit the beta page for more information and to join the beta testing.


Got something you'd like to see in the technical newsletter? We'd love to hear from you! Send us your ideas or join the Support Forum.

- Chris Herborth

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Market Watch Demo Source Code

Market Watch Demo

The Stock Market Demo uses AJAX zooming and scrolling, interactive toolbars, real-time charting and interactive legends to visualize a stock market dashboard. It shows European, North America and Asian stock market graphs, a graph for the currently selected stock or index, a portfolio view and numerical indicators of the stock market indexes and the tracked stocks.

Read on to learn more and download this Dundas Chart demo's source code.

Read full article

How can I display formatted values in the OLAP Chart's labels?


The OLAP Chart shows the values for the members being displayed from the cube data provider. These values are raw numbers that lack any kind of formatting. Use a Customize event handler to provide formatting.

Read full article

Platform Poll Results

Reporting poll

In the May newsletter, we asked the newsletter readers to tell us which development platforms they were currently using. These are the results for your viewing pleasure.

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This month we're releasing four Add-ons on the Dundas Product Add-ons site, three for Chart and one for Gauge:

  • Extended Spline for Chart — Spline charts are great for smoothing out the data in a traditional line chart, but the "weight" of the curve can pull the line in unexpected ways. Use this add-on to find the actual minimum or maximum Y values of the spline itself, and to calculate the Y value for any X value between your series minimum and maximum, even if there's no data point there.
  • Point Selection Helper for Chart — Replaces the chart's zooming capabilities with a flexible data point selection event, letting the user select points by dragging with the mouse. The PointSelection add-on uses annotations (a Dundas Chart Enterprise feature) to mark the current selection rectangle.
  • Series Aligner for Chart — Changes any chart (which doesn't use dates for the X values) with missing data into a stacked chart. Normally, series with missing data cannot be included in a stacked chart.
  • Gauge Data Table Helper — The GaugeDataTableHelper add-on lets you add a small table containing your gauge's history data to the gauge container or to a specific gauge. The table is updated as the history data changes.


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Get more out of Dundas Chart in your applications.

Featured Sample

Sample - Financial Markers

The Financial Markers sample demonstrates Chart's support for various financial markers (generally used with stock data). You can find it in the Dundas Chart Samples Environment (under Financial Charting → Financial Formulas → Financial Markers).

Read more…

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Get more out of Dundas Gauge in your applications.

Featured Sample

Sample - Weather Gauge

The Weather Gauge sample demonstrates using a state indicator with different images representing different states. You can find it in the Dundas Gauge Samples Environment (under Gauge Applications → Weather Gauge).

Read more…

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Get more out of Dundas Map in your applications.

Featured Sample

Sample - Loading and Saving Maps

The Loading and Saving Maps sample demonstrates saving and loading maps using a binary or XML serialization format, or as an image file. You can find it in the Dundas Map Samples Environment (under Getting Started → Loading and Saving Maps).

Read more…

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