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Release History


Release history is a detailed list of all upgrade releases as well as changes made to APIs and behavior. While this list is maintained as often as possible, sometimes there may be a bit of time between a release and the update of information here. However, you can always check dundas.com to find out the latest information.

All Articles
Chart for .NET Release Notes
Chart for .NET Release Notes
Chart for .NET Release Notes
Chart for .NET Release Notes
Chart 7.1 for .NET Release Notes
Release notes for the Chart 7.1 for .NET releases.
Dundas OLAP 6.2 Release Notes
Dundas OLAP Services 6.2's new features and fixed issues.
Chart 6.2 .NET Release Notes
A summary of new features and fixed issues for the Chart 6.2 release for .NET (Forms and ASP.NET).
Chart 6.1 Release Notes
Release notes for Chart - new features and bugs fixed
Dundas Chart for .NET v6.0
Lists new features and bug fixes in v6.0.0.1720 of Dundas Chart and v6.0.0.1721 of OLAP Services
Dundas Chart v5.5.1.1711
This article contains the release notes for version of Dundas Chart
Dundas Chart for .NET v5.5.1.1707
A list of changes in version of Dundas Chart for .NET.
Dundas Chart for .NET v5.5.1.1705
A new minor revision is available for Dundas Chart:
Dundas Chart for .NET v5.5.1.1700
Changes in Dundas Chart for .NET v5.5.1.1700