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Chart for .NET Release Notes


The following describes changes made to Dundas Chart for .NET in version Other previously reported technical issues may have been discovered in supporting platforms, and work-arounds may be available. When in doubt, please feel free to contact technical support. For information on how to receive upgrades, click here.

If you're contacting support about a specific feature or issue, please include the reference number in your message.

Issues fixed

Chart for .NET fixes these issues:

  • Box Plot does not size properly when using Point series (8848)
  • Chart crashes when using markers, annotations anchored to data points and any data point is above the maximum of the axis (8872)
  • Chart crashes when an interval is set on a empty chart (8878)
  • When adjusting interval in Customize event during Zoom, Chart does not render as expected (8931)
  • The Title property does not align properly to the Chart Area (8953)
  • Chart throws OutOfMemoryException if Position.Auto=False and Width=0 or Height=0 (8967)
  • Setting ChartArea.AxisY.Minimum and adding annotation causes exception (8984)
  • Chart Wizard does load in VS2008 (9011)


  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 9