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Column Chart Type Templates


Several Dundas Chart templates are attached to this article. You can use in your own applications built with Dundas Chart.

At the bottom of this page, you can download the entire collection.

You can find more Chart Templates here

Column Chart Type Template Gallery:

Chart_2D_Column.xml Chart 2D Column
Chart_2D_Column_2.xml Chart 2D Column 2
Chart_2D_Column_7.xml Chart 2D Column 7
Chart_2D_Column_8.xml Chart 2D Column 8
Chart_2D_Column_9.xml Chart 2D Column 9
Chart_2D_Column_10.xml Chart 2D Column 10
Chart_2D_Column_11.xml Chart 2D Column 11
Chart_2D_Column_100_stacked.xml Chart 2D Column 100 stacked
Chart_2D_Column_Drawing_Style.xml Chart 2D Column Drawing Style
Chart_2D_Column_Plus.xml Chart 2D Column Plus
Chart_2D_Column_Plus_2.xml Chart 2D Column Plus 2
Chart_2D_Column_Plus_3.xml Chart 2D Column Plus 3
Chart_2D_Column_Plus_4.xml Chart 2D Column Plus 4
Chart_2D_Column_Plus_5.xml Chart 2D Column Plus 5
Chart_2D_Column_Plus_6.xml Chart 2D Column Plus 6
Chart_2D_Column_Scale_Breaks.xml Chart 2D Column Scale Breaks
Chart_2D_Column_Wide.xml Chart 2D Column Wide
Chart_2D_Stacked_Column.xml Chart 2D Stacked Column
Chart_3D_Column.xml Chart 3D Column
Chart_3D_Column_3.xml Chart 3D Column 3
Chart_3D_Column_4.xml Chart 3D Column 4
Chart_3D_Column_5.xml Chart 3D Column 5
Chart_3D_Column_6.xml Chart 3D Column 6
Chart_3D_Column_Cylinder.xml Chart 3D Column Cylinder
Chart_3D_Combinational_Column.xml Chart 3D Combinational Column
Chart_3D_Stacked_Column.xml Chart 3D Stacked Column

Additional Downloads: