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Charts for .NET v7 Templates


Several Dundas Chart templates are attached to this article. You can use in your own applications built with Dundas Chart.

At the bottom of this page, you can download the entire collection.

You can find more Chart Templates here

Chart for .NET v7 Template Gallery:

2D_Contour_Chart_1.xml 2D Contour Chart 1
2D_Contour_Chart_2.xml 2D Contour Chart 2
2D_Contour_Chart_3.xml 2D Contour Chart 3
2D_Contour_Chart_4.xml 2D Contour Chart 4
BevelWedge.xml Bevel Wedge
BevelWedge_2.xml BevelWedge 2
BevelWedge_LightSource.xml BevelWedge LightSource
Bike_Shop_Sales_Scorecard.xml Bike Shop Sales Scorecard
Bullet_Graph_3.xml Bullet Graph 3
Bullet_Graph_5.xml Bullet Graph 5
Convex.xml Convex
Convex_with_Corner_Labels.xml Convex with Corner Labels
Crescent.xml Crescent
Crescent_InverseOutline.xml Crescent InverseOutline
DivisionCostScorecard.xml Division Cost Scorecard
InverseOutline.xml Inverse Outline
InverseOutline_Annotation.xml Inverse Outline Annotation
InverseOutline_Convex.xml Inverse Outline Convex
LightSource.xml Light Source
Markers_1.xml Markers 1
Outline.xml Outline
PairBar2.xml Pair Bar 2
Progress_Bar_1.xml Progress Bar 1
ReportCardScorecard.xml Report Card Scorecard
SalesRepsScorecard.xml Sales Reps Scorecard
Shimmer.xml Shimmer
Spark_Column_1.xml Spark Column 1
TreeMap_Chart_01.xml TreeMap Chart 01
TreeMap_Chart_02.xml TreeMap Chart 02
TreeMap_Chart_03.xml TreeMap Chart 03
WWII_Timeline.xml WWII Timeline

Additional Downloads:

Chart for .NET v7