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Gauge Templates


Several Dundas Gauge templates are attached to this article. You can use in your own applications built with Dundas Gauge.

At the bottom of this page, you can download the entire collection, or one of the template categories.

Using a template

Templates can be loaded in the VisualStudio designer:

  1. Select a gauge container.
  2. Click the Load Template link at the bottom of the Properties panel in VisualStudio.

    Properties panel for a Gauge

    Tip: You can also choose Load Template… from a gauge container's Smart Tags panel.

    Smart Tags panel for a Gauge

  3. In the Gauge Load Template Wizard, click the … button to browse to one of the gauge template files.

    Gauge Load Template Wizard

    The Available Templates list will list all of the templates in the directory.

  4. Select the template you want; a preview of the template's gauge is shown in the Preview pane.
  5. Select Load Gauge Appearance Only to apply the template's appearance settings to your existing gauge. Select Load Complete Gauge to replace your existing gauge with the one in the template.
  6. Click OK to apply your settings.

Gauge Template Gallery

The gauge templates are divided into the following categories:

Circular gauges

File Circular Gauge
CircularGauge.xml CircularGauge
CircularGauge2.xml CircularGauge2
CircularGauge3.xml CircularGauge3
CircularGauge4.xml CircularGauge4
CircularGauge5.xml CircularGauge5
CircularGauge6.xml CircularGauge6
CircularGauge7.xml CircularGauge7
CircularGauge8.xml CircularGauge8
CircularGauge9.xml CircularGauge9
CircularGauge10.xml CircularGauge10
CircularGauge11.xml CircularGauge11
CircularGauge12.xml CircularGauge12
CircularGauge13.xml CircularGauge13
CircularGauge14.xml CircularGauge14
CircularGauge15.xml CircularGauge15
CircularGauge16.xml CircularGauge16
CircularGauge17.xml CircularGauge17
CircularGauge18.xml CircularGauge18
CircularGauge19.xml CircularGauge19
CircularGauge20.xml CircularGauge20
CircularGauge21.xml CircularGauge21
GaugeTemplate21.xml GaugeTemplate21
state.xml state

Linear gauges

File Linear Gauge
GaugeTemplate13.xml GaugeTemplate13
GaugeTemplate14.xml GaugeTemplate14
LinearGauge1.xml LinearGauge1
LinearGauge2.xml LinearGauge2
LinearGauge3.xml LinearGauge3
LinearGauge4.xml LinearGauge4
LinearGauge5.xml LinearGauge5
LinearGauge6.xml LinearGauge6
LinearGauge7.xml LinearGauge7
LinearGauge8.xml LinearGauge8
LinearGauge9.xml LinearGauge9
LinearGauge10.xml LinearGauge10
LinearGauge11.xml LinearGauge11
LinearGauge12.xml LinearGauge12
LinearGauge13.xml LinearGauge13
LinearGauge14.xml LinearGauge14
LinearGauge15.xml LinearGauge15
LinearGauge16.xml LinearGauge16
LinearGauge17.xml LinearGauge17
LinearGauge18.xml LinearGauge18
LinearGauge19.xml LinearGauge19
LinearGauge20.xml LinearGauge20
LinearGauge21.xml LinearGauge21


File Knob Gauge
knobs.xml knobs
knobs2.xml knobs2
knobs3.xml knobs3
knobs4.xml knobs4
knobs5.xml knobs5
knobs6.xml knobs6
knobs7.xml knobs7
knobs8.xml knobs8
knobs9.xml knobs9
knobs10.xml knobs10

Numeric indicators

File Numeric Indicator
Numeric.xml Numeric
Numeric2.xml Numeric2
Numeric3.xml Numeric3
Numeric4.xml Numeric4
Numeric5.xml Numeric5
Numeric6.xml Numeric6
Numeric7.xml Numeric7
Numeric8.xml Numeric8
Numeric9.xml Numeric9

Additional Downloads:

All of the Gauge templates shown on this page.
Knob Gauge templates
Numeric Indicator templates
Circular Gauge templates
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