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Configuring Dundas HTTP handlers for IIS 7, .NET 4 and Up


In IIS 7, a new integrated .NET mode was introduced as the recommended way to run ASP.NET applications. With this configuration, the HTTP handler for Dundas Chart for ASP.NET must be configured differently to work without issue, as described below. This applies to servers running Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 or newer. This also only applies where the application pool has been configured to run in "Integrated" .NET/pipeline mode.

The HTTP handler is normally configured automatically in your application's web.config file. If it has not, please follow the steps in this article, then follow the steps below to ensure your application is ready for your version of IIS.

  • If your ASP.NET application has been configured to run in classic .NET/pipeline mode, as in the screenshot below, no other changes to the configuration are needed.

  • If your ASP.NET application has been configured in IIS to run in .NET integrated mode, you may be presented with a server error when you attempt to run the application in your browser. If this happens, you can simply follow the steps described by the error message to successfully configure the HTTP handler.

  • Finally, if your application is running in integrated mode but is not configured correctly, you may be presented with errors such as "'ChartCB' is undefined" when trying to use Dundas Chart's AJAX features, or you may experience other incorrect behavior. To correct this, the following should be added to the <handlers>...</handlers> section of your application's web.config file:

    Dundas Chart for ASP.NET:

    <add name="ChartAxd.axd" path="ChartAxd.axd" verb="*" preCondition="integratedMode" type="Dundas.Charting.WebControl.ChartHttpHandler" resourceType="Unspecified" />

    Dundas Chart for OLAP Services:

    <add name="OlapChartAxd" path="OlapChartAxd.axd" verb="*" type="Dundas.Olap.WebUIControls.ChartHttpHandler" preCondition="integratedMode" />

    Dundas Chart for SharePoint:

    <add name="SharePointChartAxd.axd" path="SharePointChartAxd.axd" verb="*" type="Dundas.Charting.WebControl.ChartHttpHandler, Dundas.SharePoint.Charting.WebParts, Version=, Culture=Neutral,PublicKeyToken=fab2f7696049aaca" preCondition="integratedMode" />

    Dundas Gauge for SharePoint:

    <add name="SharePointGaugeAxd.axd" path="SharePointGaugeAxd.axd" verb="*" type="Dundas.Gauges.WebControl.GaugeHttpHandler, Dundas.SharePoint.Gauge.WebParts, Version=, Culture=Neutral,PublicKeyToken=e03b34b7d086c04c" preCondition="integratedMode" />