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Dundas Chart v5.5.1.1711


Dundas Chart for Olap:

New Features:

  • Added an event to capture when the user click's on the "cross" for DrillDown

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that causes "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" to occur when setting the visible property on the level
  • OlapGrid visible property no longer causes an error when serializing with an old report
  • Palette settings now effect the series as expected
  • Fixed a potential security issue in the connection pool

Samples Environment:

  • Fixed a bug in the Olap Client sample that could cause a crash when attempting to export to excel.


Dundas Chart .NET:

Bug Fixes:

  • Charts can now be built as a server control without error
  • Step Line charts with repeated Y-values and map areas will no longer cause a "Parameter Is Not Valid" error
  • Fixed an error in the drawing of the Fast Line chart when using empty datapoints
  • Fixed a drawing error with chart zooming and scrolling when the margin is disabled (ASP.NET)
  • Updated the label format dialog to conform with the MSDN standard when using percentages

Samples Environment:

  • Updated the "Limiting View Size" sample in chart for windows forms
  • Fixed incorrect code in the Supplemental Pie Charts sample
  • Fixed incorrect code in the "Legend Table Style" sample


  • Updated entry with regards to Axis methods {GetPosition, PixelPositionToValue, PositionToValue, ValueToPixedPosition, ValueToPosition} to reflect that they can only be used in the paint event