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Resolving Dundas SharePoint web part installation issues


This article addresses some common installation problems with the Dundas SharePoint web parts. This article can be used as a complement of the ReadMe file of our web part which can be found in your installation folder.

How do you manually activate the Dundas Chart for SharePoint web part?

To manually activate the Dundas Chart for SharePoint web part:

  1. Load the Home page of your SharePoint web site.
  2. Choose Site Actions from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Site Settings, and in the fly-out menu choose Modify All Site Settings to go to the Site Settings page.
  4. On the Site Settings page, go to the Galleries heading. Choose Web Parts to go to the Web Parts Gallery page.
  5. On the Web Parts Gallery page, click on the New button to go to the Web Parts Gallery: New Web Parts page.
  6. On the Web Parts Gallery: New Web Parts page, check the Dundas.SharePoint.Charting.WebParts.ChartWebPart item, then click the Populate button.

The ChartWebPart.webpart will be added to the web site's web part list.

I can't find the Dundas web part in the site collection

When you activate the Dundas web part manually (see above), you might not find it in the Site Collection Administration section of the page. This happens if the Dundas solution is Undeployed. Please follow these steps:

  1. LOad the SharePoint Central Administration page.
  2. Click the Operations link.
  3. In the right column under Global Configuration, click Solution Management.
  4. Find dundas.sharepoint.charting.webparts.wsp and ensure that its status is Deployed. If not, please select the solution and deploy it.
  5. Refresh the page to check ensure that deployment has finished.

I get an error, "Unable to add selected web part(s)"

This error can be fixed by simply running iisreset after installing our product.

  • Go to Start → Run, type iisreset and click OK or press Enter.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, use the ChartMSSInstaller application to uninstall and reinstall Chart for SharePoint.

See this support article for more information.

I get an error, "Web part not safe"

Check if the web.config file has a <SafeControl> entry for the web parts and assemblies. The Safe attribute should be set to True. For example:

    Assembly="Dundas.SharePoint.Charting.WebParts, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=fab2f7696049aaca"
    Namespace="Dundas.SharePoint.Charting.WebParts" TypeName="ChartWebPart"
    Safe="True" />

Previously installed versions of the Chart for SharePoint should also be listed in a <SafeControl> element along with the current version.

Be sure that the site's trust level allows the site to access Dundas Chart for SharePoint.

Do I have to install the Dundas web part on every server if I have more than one?

Yes. If you have a server farm with multiple front-end web servers, you will need to run our installer on each front-end server in the farm.